Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Change all mapped

Yesterday was our final session at Mapping the Change.  I would be devastated that the course was ending if I wasn't so busy tying up the loose ends for my articles, which are due next week.

I have a couple of days free, at home, to chase press offices for information, and then I am planning on spending all Saturday at the British Library, writing everything up.  I like the practicalities of writing these articles - the books spread everywhere, the bookmarked websites, the paper, pens and voice recorder on my desk.

At the end of our final session yesterday we talked about what our plans were for after this course.  Mine seem very clear to me now - to earn money from my writing.  Once these articles are finished I'll be setting aside a few hours to make some concrete plans on how I'm going to go about this.

A mind map, drawn by my 9 year old

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